Black Friday

In honor of our 100th post, I’ll give you the details of an insane Black Friday. The girls left the apartment at 11:30pm Thanksgiving Day and arrived at the outlet mall around 12:20 to join the insane Black Friday shoppers. Every store had about a 30-45 minute wait just to get inside, and then about a 45 min – hour long line to the cash registers. But the deals were amazing! We made our own parking spot in a field someways up the road, and visited Aldo (I finally have boots!), Anne Taylor, Banana Republic… where the savings were around 50% the already low outlet prices! :D Craziness.

Us waiting in the hour long line to get into Banana Republic.

3am crowds!

We got back around 5, slept for a bit, and then went to IHOP with the boys.

After that it took me 2 hours to get home and I slept till 9:30pm. Hahahaha.