ALL Apartment XMas Party

Due to the hectic-ness of the season our Christmas party inevitability became everyone who lives here and our two guests – Jamie and Chris. It was a great party. Started with the most Christmas of movies, as Jamie’s request – Iron Man. Chris made Christmas White Russians, which tasted like liquid Thin Mints, and we ended the night with card games. Small, but good. :)

Chris's Christmas White Russian - Godiva Chocolate Liquor, Peppermint Schnapps, and Half & Half.

Jamie was not a huge fan of our 8 ft Blow-Up Santa.

I, however, love Santa!

Lindsay shuffles the deck!

Chris is triumphant first round of "Oh Heck!".

Chris may have won the first round, but I won the second! Leeloo was Andy’s advisor and he was a close second, lol. Happy Holidays everyone!