Cooking: Good for the Mind, Good for the Body.

Hey Everyone!

So being bored and so much free time, I’m not sure what to do with myself, I started cooking again!

Here is my first culinary endeavor in a little bit.

"The Goods"

Meat: Parmesan encrusted, roasted red pepper and garlic chicken breast, split in half sandwiching a generous helping of Creamy Monteray Jack cheese. Deliciously cheesey center goodness.

Side 1: Penne pasta in butter and Italian dressing, with sliced cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. A touch of Italian seasoning and garlic salt to bring out those flavors.

Side 2: Fresh greens with beans! (Courtesey of Wegmans)

You should all try it!

Good food sometimes has this effect…

The Yummy Smile

You should all go make it… NOW!!! You will not be dissapointed…