CP+B Holiday Hoopla, the decorations

I kept trying to explain the craziness of the legendary Crispin Christmas Costume Parties. Now I have photographic evidence. The theme of this year’s party was The Arts. These are photos of the decorations and set up, and of maybe just half of the space we used for the party. I missed the employee art gallery and the pop art lounge  o_O. My department was head of the decorations committee, so we had our work cut out for us. I think we may have lived up to the reputation set by parties before us. All I know is, we ran our large format printer into the ground this week. The poor thing was running constantly printing huge murals and costumes and giant paintings, and now it is broken. We used around 200 large sheets of foam core. I haven’t cut so much foam since freshmen year! It was a chance to cut loose some pent up creativity and my studio comrades created some impressive works of art, cool enough that many pieces were claimed the next day by our co-workers so they could decorate their houses. Everything was supplemented with flashy lights and drapey draperies. My team of three was in charge of the Asian lounge area:

ancient scroll paintings. That Hokusai painting is hanging above my bed now :3

one giant foam core paper crane

second giant birdie, the hot rod

third bird

my box of lelephants

elephant tree of life

giant maaaangaaa

see? it's big :)

our space

lonely flamenco man

the banquet theater hall in the barn

my boss's digital graffiti wall

o christmas tree

pano of the lobby

awesome escher entry way

the bar in the asian lounge