Why you should join NextStop; even though you never will.

Do you have friends? Well if your a member of this blog, obviously – yes. And do you some day hope that your friends will come visit you? Well, I know I do. There’s always the question after the moment when you’re re-united, “ok, what do you want to do?”. Your brain scrambles for everything close, far, open, closed… that Italian restaurant you went to a few weeks ago but forgot the name of. Well is exactly where NextStop comes in handy! We are foodies and enjoy trying new places! If you like it, recommend it – only 160 characters or less. You can collect in a list and on a map all the awesome places you’ve been and create guides for when your friends visit. You can also go through other people’s guides in your area to see what they love doing and maybe find somewhere awesome that you wouldn’t have found without it. Sounds awesome right?

So if I’ve convinced you, or at least made you curious – here are my recommendations. Also, Tori is a top 100 user! Check it out!