Christmas & New Years Recap

Christmas at the Bergmann's!

Totally excited about Christmas!

My dad loved his Gilroy garlic gift basket. Woo!

I banned myself from the internet and got to PRO level in Wii bowling!

The Maine Crew! We played a surprisingly little amount of board games and drank a lot...

Our feet froze to the deck as we ran from the hot tub back into the house. Cold!

Interesting things that happened: The night of Christmas Eve (around 4 am) our Christmas tree fell over breaking ornaments and scratched up our coffee table. Christmas morning was spent redecorating the tree. When we got to Maine there was no heat so I spent a lot of time in a big purple onesie. It was freezing. When we were leaving Maine Dave’s car couldn’t get up back up the hill because of the snow so we had to call a tow truck guy with a Wreck-a-Racker because all the other tow truck guys were concerned that they too might not be able to make it up the fierce hill.

That is all. How were your breaks?