Thursday Nightlife @ Cal Academy

Christopher, Britt, Boris, and I went to California Academy of the Science’s Thursday Nightlife to learn, try coffee, and listen to our friend Pete DJ in the aquarium. It was pretty awesome. Last time Christopher and I went we went to the planetarium and aquarium for the most part, so this time we made it a point to go to the rain forest first – which is BY FAR the coolest exhibit there. We also made it up the roof, saw the white alligator, and got to say hi to the bat rays. Tonight was special because all the major coffee and tea houses were having tastings for free! Man do I love Oolong tea. :)

Barefoot Coffee Works was nice enough to give Britt and I 5lb bags for free!

Perdy butterfly in the rainforest exhibit. |3

Super adorable frog!

Pictures taken by Christopher.