Analyze This

My dream last night:

“I was staying with Allison’s mom (who I’ve never met in real life) and I was in her kitchen (reverse of Allison’s). After talking for a bit, I went out to go to the beach with my orange pillow and the beach was at a 80 degree incline with lots of old people on it in really tacky swimsuits. A strong wind came and blew my pillow away… and I ran after it only to find a large fish/salamander chewing on it and I was a little grossed out but it was kind of cute so I just waited until it was done. So I sat down, waited, finally it was done… and I went to go grab it and an alligator jumped out of the water and clamped on my pillow! “Oh shit!” I exclaimed and ran, but I couldn’t go very fast cause the sand was deep on the steep incline of a beach and all the old people were watching me like it was a movie. Suddenly I hear all the old people gasp and aww. I turn around and Christopher has my pillow and the alligator is gone.”

So what does it mean? lol I’d love to hear your thoughts.