The Swap; A Conclusion

Good afternoon swappers! Today is March 31st and the stunning conclusion to our first swap. This is your friendly reminder that you should be sending out your crafts at some point this week to your recipient. If for any reason you’re falling behind, no worries – but please send it out by next Wednesday as the super-final-extended-deadline.

Receiving Crafts
Once you receive your craft, please post a picture and a small blurb on the blog (this blog that you’re reading right now). I’m really interested in seeing what everybody made and I’m sure you are too. If you’re not currently a contributor to the blog, let me know and I’ll get you hooked up. Or if you just want me to post the picture and your blurb I can do that too. :)

Depending on how successful this craft swap is, I’d like to propose having another for the month of May. Let me know if you’re interested!