The Dream Apartment

The Dream Apartment exterior.

Awhile back when Lindsay and Andy moved, I went onto craigslist to see what apartments were available – mostly for shits and giggles. I came across the blue beauty and immediately fell in love. It’s about 2 blocks from Christopher’s apartment and on the way to 9th Ave where I frequently get my bi-nightly gelato. Everyday I would walk past and urn for this apartment…

Earlier this week Christopher sends me a link to an apartment that had a private deck & attic room out of the blue and suddenly the apartment hunting fuel is on fire!!! Realizing what month it is and how close I am to my lease at 1450 Washington being up, I immediately go on craigslist and search all of Cole Valley, Haight/Ashbury, Inner Sunset, and Inner Richmond. Then – in my furious link clicking – I see it! The blue apartment building! With a 2 bedroom top-floor available! In my price range! FOR ME!!! Three days later Chris and I go to the apartment’s open house totally expecting it to be full of potential buyers and for us to not even stand a chance, but there was 1 guy – and he wanted to live next door! It was down to us and 1 other buyer, and a few hours later we got the phone call… WE GOT IT!!! :D

So here are some pics of our new place (furniture not ours – yet):

Kitchen + Living Room

Bedroom (not our furniture)

I’m living the dream! Dream apartment, city, job, and boyfriend! All it’s missing is you… *spills some drink for my homies*