Cherry Blossom Festival

The past two weekends the Cherry Blossom Festival has been going on in Japantown and today, it’s final day, there was a huge parade. Christopher and I went for some fun and food and ended up getting a lot of both and a little sunburnt. It was a lot of fun!!! The food was really good and surprisingly cheap. Here are some highlights from the parade:

Only in Japan... town.

If this picture doesn’t make sense, here’s a video of what was happening – if the video doesn’t make sense, I can’t really help you because I’m not so sure myself. Ayaka – answers?

Trolley with balloons! Not very Japanese... but cute non-the-less.


I'm not sure what these guys are, but their outfits are cool.

These guys gave a sword demonstration right in front of us! They were the definition of badass.

... and of course no Japanese parade is complete without a mini-parade and float of cosplayers!!!

All in all, pretty entertaining. We tried some fried mochi which were pretty tasty (once out of the sun). The elementary school was selling Udon and there were little kids dressed in Udon outfits – beyond adorable. :) Happy Earth Day everyone!