The Swap II; An Introduction

Even though we’re still waiting on craft pictures from three gentlemen, I figured now is a good time to introduce The Swap II for the month of May! Here’s the info & rules:

XC Craft Swap II

Theme: Suggest a theme and material!

This craft swap will be a little trickier than the last, but hey – we’re creatives and enjoy a good challenge! :) When you request to join to this swap by commenting on this entry, you will also put a suggestion for a theme and material. You can put more than 1 suggestion or material if you’re feeling creative – it’s encouraged. Here’s an example of what you could write:

“I want to join! Theme: French Revolution or Day at the Beach. Material: Wood or Yarn.”

Every crafter will then get a random person, random theme, and a random material that their craft will have to incorporate in some way, shape or form. So on May 2nd, you will get an e-mail that will look something like this:

“You have Linzi Bergmann. Theme: Can’t Touch This. Material: Wood.”

Everything is random! You may or may not get what you suggest, so suggest well! As promised, you will not get the person you had before. So if you are interested and would like to participate, please write your suggestions below before May 1, 2010. I will e-mail you a confirmation asking for your address if I don’t already have it from the last swap. May 2nd you’ll receive an e-mail with the person you’ll be making the craft for, their address, theme, and material. You’ll have a month to complete the craft… all crafts should be mailed by June 1, 2010. When you receive your craft – please take pictures and share on the blog!

Happy crafting!