An Ad Campaign that Adds

Most of us live in or near cities and we’re used to ad campaigns that cover… posters that cover walls, cover subway stations – even cover whole buildings! They are posted everywhere and repeated until they’ve become replaceable and tired. My eyes glaze over most posters unless the design is wicked and even then I’m paying more attention to kerning than the product. However, the other day I was walking over to my friend Sam’s house and this caught my eye:

Degree's new ad campaign.

A bus stop covered in fake flowers – complete untouched by graffiti. It’s actually nice! It’s a breath of fresh air, it’s nature (as fake as it is), and the bus stop actually smells good. Today I walked past it again, enjoyed waiting for the bus, and as I got on even the bus driver was smiling. Finally an ad campaign that adds to it’s city. :)