Flying in the Park

This weekend I had the opportunity to learn some advanced Lindy Hop aerial moves with a friend from my swing dance classes  :)

Aerials and air steps are moves you can incorporate into your swing dance routine to spice them up and are used mostly in competitions

Competition dance with aerials

The moves look quite flashy and difficult, but are actually pretty achievable with lots of practice and coordination with your partner. Communication and proper preparation leading up to the moves are the hardest and most important parts of aerials, the rest of the flip just depends on trust and following through. We were required to use spotters for all the flips, and I did use my spotter a lot, and did end up falling onto mine a lot  :)

I did actually manage to flip several times! I’ve never done gymnastics in my life, so the first “judo throw” where your leader grabs your arm and pops you over his back was really really terrifying. But the next few times were exhilarating!

Our instructors did a recap of all the moves we learned over four hours.
I posted the  video here password: homebrew

The first exercise she’s demonstrating was the first thing we did in the class, and was indeed the most awkward move of the day. I called it the “Hello, stranger. I’m going to climb all over you like a jungle gym now.” : S hahah…

Oh and, apologies for the noise, it was very windy that day.

Unfortunately my body is still recovering from the abuse two days later, but meh, I’m glad I did it.