Sam Survives SF

Yay! Sam visited San Francisco and enjoyed it like a local. His mission: relaxation and good food. Granted his trip started pretty hectically, I thought he was coming at midnight when his plan landed at noon, I think it ended on a mellowed note. In true Linzi tour guide fashion, the trip began with a 10 mile walk around the city.

Sam joins MJ and Bubbles at the SFMOMA

Day 2 was full of lounging.

Lubing up for a gorgeous picnic in the sun! Sam got a nice tan while I became a cooked lobster. Ouch.

Of course there was awesome food. This is B Star that some guy recommended to Sam. It was real-ly good.

Day 3 was supreme relaxation aided by the fact that the fog had taken over the city.

Lots of cuddling. It became apparent that Reptar had missed Sam... kind of.

Out of all the days, we picked the one foggy one to go to the top of the DeYoung.

I didn't know he was there until I uploaded the photo... LOL! Conservatory of Flowers

Feeling very red after so many days in the sun, Sam headed home. We'll miss you!!!