By Land

So our “by land” Odopod adventure was meeting up for coffee in the morning at Mojo Bicycle Cafe and then dinner at Hog Island Oyster Co, but for the sake of wrapping up this weekend into the three categories we’ll just say that my Saturday was by land. Kara and Eric drove up and brought Dexter to hang out with Reptar, especially because they are now famous. Bolinas was beautiful! There was a new dog mayor… that was kind of a thief.

The New Mayor - loved stealing bags of food from sleeping people.

Taking in the sun!!!

More lounging!

Burnt, with the exception of a tan Chris, and well rested - ready to move the party!

Asia SF has lovely transvestie ladies that put on a show every hour at the bar.

She was my favorite! This outfit was to "I need a hero".

Boob shots! :D

The perfect end to a perfect two days: wasted, dancing with trannies.

I love SF!