I Object to the Peeps

Here in Boulder, the hottest trial in the nation is currently underway: The Peeps Trial. Let Stephen Colbert bring you up to speed, here.

By the way, that’s right around the corner from our office! Anyway, our local rag, the Daily Camera, has been liveblogging the trial and it is nothing short of hilarious. Check these choice quotes:

2:50 p.m.
Attorney John Pineau asks for a box of yellow Peeps to be placed into evidence. Aimco’s attorney inspects them — “I have no objection to the Peeps” — before Judge Archuleta agrees to place the candy on a desk in the middle of the courtroom, so that everyone can see them.
That was day one. And from today:
10:40 a.m.
Virginia Unseld has been called to the witness stand. Unseld is a Gilpin County resident and a former art teacher with a master’s degree in art education from the Rhode Island School of Design.
Attorney John Pineau said she will testify about the use of Peeps as a “legitimate medium” for art.
Aimco attorney Jon Sands objected to the testimony, calling it not relevant to the matter.
“It has absolutely nothing to do with the issues,” Sands said.
County Court Judge David Archuleta agrees, and prohibits Unseld’s testimony.
You can’t make this shit up. Here are the links to the liveblogs: Day 1 | Day 2