Gay Pride

A weekend of gay pride!!! SF is loud and proud everyday of the week, but this weekend it had a huge parade and festival. It was super fun and fabulous with only 1 man hollering about God to deaf ears. We met up with Nate and Becca for the parade and later with Tori and Amelia (who loved the outfits!). The parade was so happy that their smiles kicked my weekday blues away. I love this city!!!

Aerial View posted on Flickr

My favorite outfit of the day. Well done Smirnoff.

Oh yeah.

Pretty awesome.

City Hall was packed! Backstreet Boys took the stage at 4:30.

Rainbow shaved ice!

Nate showing his pride x2!

"Lady Gaga" performs for a circle of cheering fans.

Chris got spanked by a stranger not long after this pose, lol!!!