Learning Fear

Last weekend Christopher, Allison, Bert, Iris, and I went to the Giants Fair near AT&T park. I had been dying to go because I haven’t been to a fair in years, but we quickly discovered that the fair is not the same as when we were kids… I even fathom going on as many rotating rides. We got the day bands, so we had to go on at least 4 rides to make it worth it – and that’s all we could manage without feeling completely nauseous! Not to mention, when you’re not as light as a feather, falling off rides or fear of the whole thing breaking becomes all you can think about.

On the Ferris Wheel - trying to hide my fear with laughter.

All these photos were taken by AQM. I forgot my camera!

We went on the ferris wheel, gliders, swings, and the dropping one.

Bert - the rebel.

The Zipper - my favorite ride as a child... but I couldn't do it this time.

Even though I feared for my life, it was a great day!