Old Home vs New Home

Christopher surprised me earlier in the week with tickets to Saturday’s Red Sox vs Giants game at AT&T Park. Our co-worker Albert has season tickets and sells them to anyone who is interested. I totally forgot how insane Red Sox fans are and how awesomely cheesy baseball stadiums can be. Even though the Giants fans outnumbered the Red Sox, the Sox fans were louder and far more rambunctious. While watching the game, everything from random pizza mascots driving cars to the Fist Pump Cam kept me thoroughly entertained – it really is the American family sport.

Check out this action shot from our awesome seats!

Woo! Red Sox fans are taking over AT&T park!

Beer, corndogs, and baseball: everything good.

The first baseball game I've been to where I can actually see the people looking human instead of ant-like.

Enjoying the corniness of baseball stadiums!

Apparently the Giants mascot is a lude seal-like thing...

Good game! Of course Red Sox win 4 to 2. :D