Independence Day

Ahhh… 4th of July – that hot time of the year for BBQ and pies. Ok, not really hot here in San Francisco, but you get the picture. :)  This year I celebrated Independence Day at Tori and Jeremy’s with all the new and old RIT peeps! We’re beginning to have quite the crew out here now…  Amelia took pictures of the party.

An attempt to get my camera back... failed.

Amelia's sceneic shot of the party.

Hahaha - well framed too! Not juice.

Cute pic of Kim by Amelia

Jeremy! by Amelia

Mommy! by Amelia

Amelia moved on from taking pictures to becoming Super Amelia. Note the cape.

Smells like 4th of July.

Getting ready for fireworks!

Trying to watch fireworks through the fog on the roof.

Hope you all had a great 4th of July!