Pasta & Cardboard

It’s the middle of fog season here in San Francisco, so my activities in the city have been mostly indoors. In my spare time I’ve put together a month to season chart for San Francisco:

June-August: Winter (replace snow with fog)
September – November: Indian Summer
December – February: Spring
March – May: Fall

July 8th was Chris’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Chris!

I got him a pasta maker! He is the chef of the future!

First you thin the pasta on one side and then slice it on the other! It was absolutely delicious!

I also built Reptar a cat house out of a spare cardboard box... even has two floors!

If you're wondering about the weird shaped entrance to Reptar's cat house, it was used to make a box for Britt's rum! :D

So that’s it from this part of the woods, what have you guys been up to?