A Tea Story

Hey guys! Here is my lovely, lovely craft from Ayaka!

She created the Weekly Tea Story, a cute story told in seven parts… on tea bags!  <3

Every piece was handcrafted, including the adorable cloth tea bags. Each day in the series told another piece of the story of Qoo Rabbit and her cup of tea. The story was on the swingtag of the bag, and each bag had its own little acrylic charm to go with it. So cute!

I took it upon myself to try and guess which flavor of tea I was drinking each day, since I claim to know a lot about the stuff, and the colors for each day seemed to correspond with the tea flavor. I also have a strong suspicion that these are Celestial Seasonings tea. Since I live right down the street from their tea factory, I hope I can spot a zinger when I taste one!  ;-)

Monday was chamomile. Tuesday was… a ginger-y, citrus-y flavor. Wednesday was a berry zinger. Thursday was peppermint tea. Friday was blueberry. Saturday was a rooibos. Sunday was raspberry zinger.

Ayaka, can you tell me if I got even close?? Lol!

Here are some photos:

the box

seven days of tea

matching tea pots! <3

charming charms

Thank you, Ayaka! Such a nice gift to receive :)