Gilroy Garlic Festival

This past Saturday Christopher and I went to the famous Gilroy Garlic Festival! Even from our distant parking spot, we could smell it baking in the 85 degree heat. Everyone at the festival was eating and sweating garlic simultaneously – good thing after you took your first bite you couldn’t smell it anymore. I was beyond happy for delicious food and one day to just take in the summer I’m used to (ie people watching, sweaty lip, and swamp ass).

The festival was marked by two giant chicken balloons.

You had to travel down this winding dirt path to get to the foresty area the festival was held in.

Giant flaming garlic statue!!!

Garlic cook-off challenge, noms.

Fabio from Top Chef! Do any of you watch that show?

Hilarious garlic mascot! Chris doesn't know how to react.

The line for FREE garlic ice cream! It tasted like vanilla soft serve with garlic powder mixed in. Not bad.

Roasting chickens! That guy in the back is painting on garlic from a large tub - yum.

We went to a cooking class on how to make the famous Gilroy garlic fries!

My favorite sample of the day: garlic corn. Corn lathered in garlic butter and garlic salt.

Say NO to plumping! Or your chickens will look scary - like this.

Driving back to San Francisco... entering the EPIC fog blanket.

All in all – excellent day. Christopher bought a terracotta garlic roaster and we can’t wait to use it, perhaps tonight’s movie night? Who knows! I hope you all had fantastic weekends!