There is also a page with lyrics in there. I misplaced it.

So…technically I got my craft this weekend.  Caitlin (with the help of Teo) wrote me an awesome song about GraemeBearPig.  While I feel that the title more or less secretly mocks my (Graeme) obscenely hairy limbs (Bear) and my previously portly carriage (Pig), I will allow it because the song nailed the fact that I love to pound things.  True to character, I smashed the “CD” that Caitlin sent me when I realized it wasn’t a CD at all, but a plastic slap in the face she burned the Windows shortcut to the song instead of the actual mp3.

Perhaps it was a mistake, but I believe they were both just mocking me, knowing that I would become enraged, striking many throats.  Regardless, Caitlin recently sent me the actual song via “the internet.”  So without further ado, I give you GraemeBearPig:

Graeme Reed rode into the town,

looking for some face to pound!

Tricking out his motorbike,

looking for some THROAT TO STRIKE!

The song has a quote from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid…kind of awesome.  Why you ask, because Robert Redford is the Sundance Kid.  And most of you know that that scores extra points with me.  If you don’t know who Robert Redford is, I will strike your throat.  That is all.

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