Boulder Rocks!

This past weekend Christopher and I went to visit Laura and Sam in Boulder! Needless to say, it was awesome. I’ve been dying for some summer heat and Boulder had plenty (as well as epic thunder storms and summer night bug noises). I’ve missed Laura a boat load and I had a lot of fun being her apartment-mate again. Sam and the mancrew joined us for some great summer adventures!

Hiking the Flat Irons.

On our third day, we hiked around the base of the Flat Irons - epically.

There were so many grasshoppers! This guy was huge!

On our second day, we went tubing!

The creek had some calm parts, but was mostly booby-trapped with rocks and mini-waterfalls. FUN!

After a busy day tubing, Laura taught us how to make homemade pizzas. YUM!

The gorgeous view from outside Laura's apartment!

Beautiful view from the lake down Laura's street.

Boulder is kind of weird...

... but just remember to enjoy life, it's delicious!

I loved Boulder and I can’t thank Laura enough for being our host. :) I can’t wait to visit again! If you’d like to see all of my pics, check out my flickrs!