the apartment warming

Even though we’ve been in this apartment for almost three months, last night we had our official apartment warming! It was set up like Laura and my wine tasting in Rochester (Lorraine would be proud). Christopher and I provided 4 wines with pairings and then each person who came brought some wine. We ended up with 20 people and 16 wines – we finished all of them. Our wines were a German Riesling (with shrimp), Sauvignon Blanc (with fog cheese), Old Vine Zinfandel (with creamy French blue cheese), and a Petite Sirah (with spicy salami). It was a great time and I’m super happy with how it turned out.

Our blind wine tasting!

Our food items to go with the wine.

Reptar likes shrimp! (Photo by Bert)

We asked people to bring a sticker that represented them. They then got to put the sticker where they lived on the map.

We asked people to sent us a funny picture of themselves that we then printed and stuck to the fridge. At the party we covered them in lol cat magnets.

Apparently these guys were moving out while people were arriving to our party... and this chair made it's way into our apartment. It's really comfy.

All in all, excellent time. I really hope we get to keep the chair… If you’d like to see the rest of the lol cat magnets, check out my flickrs.