Last weekend I took a brief break from beautiful Colorado to return home to Ohio for my cousin’s wedding/family reunion. Now that we’re all growing up it’s hard to get everyone in my giant family together at once and it was great to see them all again. My visit was very, very short so we had to pack as much fun into one weekend as possible. Easy to do when you have your wedding on a Boy Scout campground!


My cousins up in northwestern Ohio have been dedicated scouts for years, so much that now my eldest cousin lives and works on the campgrounds. They opened the grounds for our use the day of the wedding and we took advantage of all the activities.

The Frastaci table.

Easily our favorite activity of the day were the shooting ranges. The camp staff let us try out the rifle range and the shotgun range, with skeet shooting.

Danny, sizing up his target

...which he missed. (note paper clipped at top and bottom edges)

My family, the militia.

Me, learning how to shoot things.

Me, shooting things!

My mom is a pretty good shot...

...the bride was not.

After the gun range, we got to play in the lake. Ziplines, boats, a giant inflatable ‘iceburg’ and the Blob. Boy scouts get to have all the fun.

good thing Danny knew how to steer this thing

my cousins trying out the Blob

The highlight of the lake was definitely the Blob. We all hoped the Blob would have worked as well as it did in the movie Heavyweights, but I guess we needed more fat kids or slo-mo cameras.


And while we’re on the subject, a message from Ben Stiller:


Oh right, back to the wedding.

the wedding!

ATV recessional

And that’s how we roll in Ohio.