FITC San Francisco 2010

FITC came to San Francisco this year! Hopefully this means that next year all of you will come here instead of Toronto! ;D The conference was smaller and more intimate than FITC Toronto… but maybe that was only because it was it’s first year, but hopefully it will stick. I liked being really close to the presenters – especially cause I can’t see that well (eye doctor appt this week). I learned a lot of things throughout this year’s conference. I learned, for example: developers love trees. Every single hardcore developer that went up there said that if they could, they would make trees all day. I also learned that every creative that went up there has done many drugs – admittedly so. On a more serious note, I loved how they encouraged the audience to embrace serendipity and step out of the computer screen. I was particularly inspired by the many physical computing experiments because I can share in their excitement around blending something tangible and personal with digital technologies to create enriched experiences.

We're famous! Kind of.

Sam’s Twitshit was mentioned in CP+B’s talk: “One of our developers came in with this and we hired him on the spot.” Boris, from Odopod, did a lecture on collaboration between designers and developers and he used the 3D type that Pete and I worked on for Sony’s Ask the Experts as an example! :) My 3D room and type made it to FITC! Woo! Of course Reptar has a leg up on both of us, this FITC is his third step into fame.

Notice anyone familiar in the front row? It’s Ben McChesney!

Palm Pre halloween costume - Jared Ficklin.

Jared Ficklin, who we saw in Toronto, was back again with even more crazy tangible delights. The one above (that you can only kind of see) is a box with a screen on the front that you put over your head. As you talk, the scary Palm Pre girl (on the screen) moves her mouth to look like she’s saying whatever you are (he cut up a bunch of clips from the commercials). He also did this awesome social experience that included a augmented reality porta potty – I thought of you Sam.

Natske - he uses photographs to evoke emotions but not directly - very abstracted (past the abilities of a photoshop filter).

Hodgins’ loves cuttlefish! Inspired by nature (common theme of the conference). When he looks at something in nature, he thinks “how could I create that through code” – for example: a cuttlefish’s color changing skin. Here’s more of his awesome work:

I'm looking at you... so cool.

Grant Skinner's bio-feedback massager... physical computing with sex toys.

and my two favorite pieces of the conference that I probably should have come across before it, but didn’t were Kyle Cooper’s Wimbleton Opening Credits and Rise & Fall by Design IO:

The gang from Odopod that attended (missing Chris cause he was wandering somewhere).

Friends of Odopod Gang

Michael won a book that was suppose to be about particles, but it ended up being a misprint of some random couple's 2nd annivesary. Awkward and hilarious.

It was an exciting and inspiring event and I can’t wait until next year! If you want to read more about what I thought of the event – there will be a Odopod blog post on Monday. I’ll put the link here.