The Great Longshot Treasure Hunt

5:00 PM. Chris sends me a link to a treasure hunt going on in San Francisco as we sat at our desks at work. Our boss has said, earlier in the day, that if we worked hard and fast we could leave early. Frantic, I waited for my PM to come back to her desk to ask if I could leave. She gave the go ahead, Chris reserved a Zipcar, and we were off!

Racing down Market St.

We got really excited when we saw the map by Wendy MacNaughton because Sutro Tower is right near where we live! The second clue, which we happened to be wrong about – but kind of in the right way was “Beginning Advanced Spanish”. Chris knew that Palo Alto means “tall stick” and clue number 6 said “Look near the end of the tall tree”, so we started our search at the wrong end of Palo Alto (which happens to have pretty views).

Wrong end of Palo Alto.

We then drove quickly off to the other dead end of Palo Alto to find… da da da DA!

A tank array! Clue number 7.

It was at the tank array that we ran into a group of lovely gay gentlemen who informed us that the treasure had already been found, by this girl. So we all, as one big group – constantly gaining people – tried to speculate where it could have been since none of our smart phones could read the comments on the Longshot Mag blog. They later posted this article.

The last clue was Stumped? - so near either of these two stumps were where Chris and I thought it was. Both were wrong.

Happy just to go on an adventure, we decided to keep hiking around Sutro Tower because it was a fantastically beautiful day.

A shot of downtown... I can see work from here!

Next we hiked up to the top of one of the Twin Peaks.


It was an epic day fellow bloggers... until next time,