Mercury Cafe

old-timey dance time

Another post documenting my experiences in the Denver/Boulder dance scene.

This Sunday I finally made the trek down to Denver to check out the Sunday Swing Night at the eccentric Mercury Cafe. I’ve been wanting to try this place out forever, but the drive has always intimidated me and I was wary to go down there by myself. But I sucked it up and went, and it was a blast!

live band!

The atmosphere here is pretty unique. The decor was sort of vintage-bohemian-gypsy-chic, with assorted old fashioned theater seats lining the back wall, and string lights and fabric draped from the ceiling. The dance was happening upstairs, while downstairs people were venting on a mic at the poetry slam.

lively crowd

Well, I’m gonna sound like a super dance nerd now… I learned from one of the few fellow Lindy hoppers there that the Sunday crowd at the Merc tends to be more into East Coast Swing and not so much Lindy Hop. East Coast is very easy to dance but just not as much fun as Lindy. Apparently TUESDAY night is the night for Lindy. So maybe another trip is in store.

However, what drew me to the Merc on Sunday was the live band that was playing. Something about dancing to live music seems so cool to me. This night, the band Your Father’s Mustache was playing, and they rocked! The trumpet and the clarinetist were awesome, and the lead vocalist was amazing as well. Here are a couple videos I took, please excuse my shaky hand.