Sabrina & Reid Visit!

Sabrina and Reid arrived mid-day Friday, August 27th and left the morning of Friday, September 3rd – the longest visitors at Chris & Linzi’s Bed and Breakfast! :D Sabby and Reid also arrived with an itinerary that consisted of wine tasting and “doing everything they’ve seen pictures on the blog of”. That’s a pretty demanding list, but with a week – there’s no limit to what you can accomplish! We started with wine and a garlic volcano. A garlic volcano is Boudin Bakery creation that consists of San Francisco Sourdough (yes, we have our own sourdough that you can’t make anywhere else – woo! weird yeast cultures) with garlic and cheese baked into a layer just above the top. OMFG! Amazing.

Classic - at Beringer.

Sabby at Castle of Love - enjoying the view.

At Mondavi - Reid looks on disapprovingly.


After a long day of wine, we made dinner:

Awesome cooking outfits.

The boys passed out early.

Next we went street hiking to the top of Twin Peaks!

Taking in the city.


I got a half-day on Monday and we explored the Mission:

This is for you, Mom.

If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, click here.

Reid had a crazy camera... he took over 800 photos.

We hung out at Dolores Park and Sabby made a new friend.

Rae, Sabrina’s Mom came on Wednesday and on their last night here we went to California Academy of Sciences!

Enjoying the touch tank at Cal Academy

Woo! Extreme mammals!

It was an awesome week and needless to say Sabrina and Reid did a lot more than I showed here. Hopefully they’ll put up pictures of all their other adventures and I can link it here *nudge nudge wink wink*. :) See you guys in Boston in 3 weeks!