Spontaneous Weekend

Laura spontaneously appeared in San Francisco last Saturday! We had an awesome, relaxing weekend spent doing lady things, chilling by the pool, and going on crazy whirlwind zipcar tours in order to find ice cream.

Psh - San Francisco.

We had a relaxing lady day and got mani/pedis. Laura's green matches the apples we used for soup!

Laura taught us how to make a Frastaci Indian soup! More impressive, Kara ate it!

Ate breakfast on the roof - enjoying the sun!

Amelia and Laura chilled at Kara's pool. :)

Twin Peaks! My new favorite place to bring visitors!

Falling, I mean, climbing down the tallest peak.

Hope you had fun! I can’t wait to visit Boulder again – when it’s snowing!!! P.S. As soon as you left the fog came back… next time, you’re not allowed to leave!