From Behind the Glasses: Spontaneous SF

Last week, I booked a flight to San Francisco and as result this past weekend I was whisked away on a brief but delightful mini vacation. It was a great time, filled with Indian spices, Korean nail salons, and Parisian macarons. Here are some of my pictures!

I took lots of pictures inside Linzi and Chris's pretty apartment

Some plants, kicking it.

Here, some pretty glasses, and there, the bandaged Chris is making us some pancakes,

Linzi is performing a magic trick.

Reptar is feeling quite proud of himself for annoying me so much that I got out of bed to feed him.

I was in San Francisco, so I made sure to wear flowers on my toes. That's how the song goes, right?

Take a look at the strange people who were having breakfast at The Pork Store

A view from up high.


Thanks Linzi and Chris!! See you again spontaneously soon!