The Great American Beer Festival

Christmas comes early to Colorado. For beer lovers, at least. Last weekend, myself, Sam, Josh, their roommate Kyle, and two co-workers Jason and Justin had the privilege of attending one of the largest beer-related events in the country. With well over 2,000 beers to try we had our work cut out for us.

"Hey, is this where the Bear Festival is being held?"

Around 50,000 people attended the event over the weekend. The line we stood in while waiting for the doors to open wrapped half way around the exterior of the convention center. Fortunately, the crew running the show, logistical geniuses that they are, got us all inside within 20 minutes of the start of the festival.

The line that stretched for miiillles

We are in! And check out this freaking meta photo!

This is the last time Kyle would be seen for the next 9 or so hours

Gang's all here (except for Kyle, who we lost)

I was there too!

All regions of the USA were represented. It was huge, Rochester, huge!

We had some old favorites

And some new favorites. Mmmm pumpkin pie beer..

Here is a sample of the samples. Yum, black IPA.

Sam and the real Michael Jackson

Look at these pro photobombers...

Clearly, the fun was too much for Josh to handle.

souvenir glass with the 1 oz sample marked out for the pourers

Now you’d think that you could go pretty far with only 1 oz samples, but I only managed to put away 25 or so samples before my stomach had had enough flavor to savor. When your stomach tells you that you’ve had enough of a good thing, you ought to listen. Maybe next year if I remember my pretzel necklace I’ll be able to do better  :-)