West meets East

Like you didn’t see this post coming… Christopher and I visited Boston!

Pretty much sums it up! jk.

We took a red eye on a Thursday night to make Kara and Eric’s wedding, which was 3.5 hours away from where we landed. Thankfully the wedding was at 5 – we made it in the nick of time!

Congradulations adorable Hodeckers! Your wedding was awesome!

The next day we traveled back to Boston to begin our whirlwind tour and soaking in of everything Fall. Chris is from Arizona and has never really experienced Fall, which is a big reason for why we decided to visit when we did. I want him to love the smell of fresh cider and the beauty of changing leaves as much as I do!

Fall! So pretty!

What better way to start learning to love Fall than apple picking?!

Chris really got into the Fall spirit.

Immediately followed by apple baking!

...who let her have that knife?

We found things to do in and around Topsfield. Of course, I had to bring Chris to Richardson’s to try the awesome ice cream. He said it was no Humphrey Slocombe. (Psh – ice cream snob!)

Cute Richardson's Baby Cows

We went to Plum Island so Chris could touch the Atlantic for the first time.

The fam and Chris enjoying Woodman's lobsters. I had a hotdog.

Foam mushtaches! Courtesy of my favorite coffee place in Newburyport.

In Boston, we did some classic touristy stuff that was a lot of fun. On the Freedom Trial, we came across a strange sculpture.

Hey CP+B peeps! We found your noodle!

We took a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery. It was actually a lot smaller than I imagined it being, but that’s because it’s their experimental brewery instead of one of their main hubs. Good news for us!

We got to try 3 beers and one of them will never be released! It was pretty tasty.

The Boston Aquarium

The penguins waited in line to be weighed so they could get fish - adorable.

We ended our trip with the Topsfield Fair! I hadn’t been in 5 years, so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately and fortunately it was pouring opening night. The fortunate part was that there were no lines and hardly any kids. I got everything bad for me that I had been craving: maple syrup candy, ribbon fries, and Sabrina bought me a caramel apple. It was pouring at that point and we decided to head over to watch the giant pumpkin judging. The woman had just made the caramel apple for me, so the caramel was still hot… and try as I might, I couldn’t keep it from slowly melting off the apple… into my hand. I thought I could keep it cool and not let anybody onto this while we ran in the rain, but as I jumped over a puddle my umbrella slipped out of the nook in my neck and I had no free hands to grab it. Thus resulting in…


The winning Beast from the East weighed in at 1675 lbs!!!

Our last day in Topsfield we watched the parade and went on a whale watch up to Maine.

Watching the parade, coffee in hand.

Topsfield Fair Parade Mounties!

Newburyport Harbor

We saw three groups of whales! The first was a mom, named Owl, and calf. The second was three ladies and two of them were pregnant. One of them was named Victim cause she had a huge chunk taken out of her tail by a shark. :( And the third was a big lazy whale named Spoon, who they’ve been watching since the 70s and have no idea how old she is, and Chromosome, the only male we saw. They were all humpbacks and we saw some seals and porpoises on our way out. I really wanted to see a sunfish (as advertised), but none showed up – hopefully next time.

The whales blew rainbows!

That night someone unexpected showed up at my house…

Matt Porter!!!

Overall, even with the rain, it was a well-deserved, relaxing, fun vacation. I really miss my friends from home, so I’m really happy I got to hang out with them. I’m also really happy to see that both my parents are doing well and that Mazey is still a diva. :) If you’d like to check out all of our pictures, check out our Chris and my flickrs!