Murder at The Juice Joint

A text on my phone: “You ready for this Molly”
Response: “Born ready Kitty”

Molly Mol and Notorious Nick

We arrived at Rosie Marie’s, Tori’s, Juice Joint promptly at 8:30 – dressed to kill. I am Molly Mol – Notorious Nick’s Girlfriend and an aspiring actress (who is less than talented). Notorious Nick is the mob boss of Chicago, Illinois. Nick announced at the beginning of the night that we were engaged!


Nick is dead. Truth be told, I was only marrying him because with his wealth and power I’d get the lead role in Hal Hollywood’s next movie instead of that dismal Dina Diva (who is actually talented). I spent the rest of the night talking to other guests trying to uncover his murderer.

Me with Southside Sal and Kitty Cocktail

I had a bit of evidence up my sleeve that helped me make a lot of money… This made me look quite suspicious, but not as suspicious as Cy Ramsey, the bouncer, who was stone cold all night. Fortunately we had an awesome detective who narrowed down the case.

Suspicious Cy Ramsey and P.I.Pinkerton with some evidence!

P.I.Pinkerton showed us everything he had found. After we took some time going over the evidence, we had to write down on a very important piece of paper who we thought killed Notorious Nick, who was the most dramatic, who was dressed to kill, and how much money we had made. Turns out this un-talented wanna-be movie actress wasn’t so bad at acting after all!

My awards!

I got the Smoking Gun Award for being the only one who guessed correctly that it was (Ben McChesney) that killed Notorious Nick.  Apparently Bernie Booze, a person who didn’t show up for the party, had some key evidence that would have made the conviction more apparent… I got the Mr. Money Bags Award for my modest $900 – swiped from people who wanted to see my marriage license (Kitty Cocktail, Kara Hodecker, came in at a close second with $850). I shared the Dressed to Kill Award with Hal Hollywood (Michael Wang) for our sweet outfits. I voted for Hal because his mustache was amazing… and he brought his puppy. Last but not least, I shared the Most Dramatic Award, not shown above, with P.I. Pinkerton (Jeremy Ruppel) for over the top performances.

The Party (minus Notorious Nick who became a photographer after his untimely death)

Happy Halloween!
.Molly Mol

P.S. I made sure not to give away any incriminated evidence in case you guys were interested in hosting this mystery murder night yourselves!