Giants win World Series = San Francisco Riots

For those of you who don’t live in San Francisco and/or weren’t watching the World Series last night, the San Francisco Giants won 3-1 over the Texas Rangers (4-1 games)! I went to the Red Sox vs Giants game at the stadium earlier this year (my first time at AT&T Park) where I rooted for the Red Sox, but San Francisco has really come together with a sense of baseball community ever since the Giants were playing the Philadelphia Phillies. Over the course of the World Series I’ve become kind of attached to my new home team… and the beard. Allison convinced Chris, Austin, and I to watch the game at a bar near work, Place Pigalle, and it was like watching with family all crowded around the giant projection screen. Making jokes with strangers, lots of high-fiveing, and of course, jumping and singing like crazy when they won. We walked across the street to get pizza – meanwhile – the city went up in flames.

Fear the beard!

San Francisco is spotted with fires, vandalism and violence tonight; and the social web is showing us every gruesome detail.

The city’s baseball team, the Giants, won the World Series earlier this evening; it’s taken almost no time for the city’s ordinarily peaceful citizens to erupt in wild, rowdy and ultimately dangerous celebration.

While some people on the web are joking about hashtags and Foursquare “SFRiot” checkins, others are listening to a live stream of the city’s police scanner.

So far, we’ve heard unbelievable but nonetheless true stories: There aren’t (yet) enough police to control the crowds, and available officers are improvising as best they can while calling other agencies in for support.

– Jolie O’Dell Mashable

Here are some pictures and video taken last night by various people:

setting fire to a MUNI bus

smashed in BART station sign

wells fargo busted door

How did I transport back to Boston?! Good news is that today San Francisco is back to it’s peaceful self. Congratulations Giants on your World Series win!