Dia de los Muertos 2010

This year I forgot my camera. Bummer. Fortunately I have amazing friends who don’t forget their cameras / have stupid phones that take amazing pictures. Regardless, this year had a great parade and beautiful alters. It was smaller than I remember last year being, but I got to watch a little bit of the shadow puppet performance and saw some crazy fire display. Chris, Lisa, and I headed over after Kara’s birthday dinner and jumped into the tail end of the parade. My two favorite alters: the one made out of wood with hanging mirror bees and one made out of tissue paper/fabric that had little yarn kites. My friend Bert was there (even though we didn’t run into each other) and took some great photos:

Paper Alter; photo by Bert.

See the rest of Bert’s photos here.

I can’t wait to see Sam’s vacation pictures!