A San Francisco Friendsgiving II

This year’s Friendsgiving was held at Kara & Eric’s brand new home and had double the friends! Chris and I prepared green bean casserole, strawberry pretzel jello, cornbread muffins, and cranberry sauce. Everybody’s food was amazing.

The San Francisco Thanksgiving Crew

With a record low temp of 44 degrees in San Francisco, Chris and I actually had to bundle up to make the trip down to Redwood City.

Kara did a great job decorating the rented sandy table. I loved the wheat centerpiece!

Eric carving our large bird!

Jason started dinner with a very sweet toast, quickly followed by the cutest thing Amelia’s ever said:
“I’m thankful for… my family!”. And since nobody could top that – we started eating.

Aerial Noming

Kara, Tori, and I kept up our tradition of participating in Black Friday, while the men kept up their tradition of sleeping. This year we were better prepared and had game plan: sleep first, wake up at 4AM, hit the madhouses first, then end at the mall. My alarm woke everyone up at 3:50AM (oops) and we scooted off in the car towards Target…

4:15 AM Black Friday

Turns out the actual stores are nothing like the absolute craziness that was the outlet malls last year. There were 2 things in Target that made it like Black Friday instead of a normal day: 1. when you walked in all the carts were gone and 2. everyone who had a cart had a gigantic flat-screen tv in it. Disappointed with the ease of this year’s BF, we decided to hit up every store that was in the outdoor strip including Toys R’ Us, Starbucks, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Then we continued off to the mall… where we went to The Gap’s 50% off everything sale and finally got stuck in a hour long line.

6 AM Black Friday

Finished shopping, we grabbed the boys and Amelia for a diner breakfast and then promptly passed out while waiting for the train.

11AM Black Friday

If you’d like to see all of my Thanksgiving and Black Friday photos, click here. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!