Birthday Weekend!!

Two adorable clay figures, a gift from Sze Sze!

As many of you may know, November 21st was my 24th birthday!! It’s a rare occasion that I’m not out of town on my birthday, so seeing that had the opportunity to spend it around lots of awesome friends, I decided to make the most of it and extend the festivities to create BIRTHDAY WEEKEND 2.4!!!

I wanted to start the party at my favorite bar in Boulder, Bitter Bar!

Hanging out at Bitter Bar

The Boulder crew was out in full force on Friday night for birthday drinks.

My new favorite drink: Bourbon with an apple cider ice cube, and Sam swoops in for the photobomb

Sam and Elizabeth chilling at the counter

Colleen, Clayton, and Tim, my trivia/running buddies!

We eventually wound up at my OTHER favorite place to drink Boulder, of course it’s Mountain Sun!

You may recognize this crazy former San Franciscan :)

Top off the night with the happy birthday beer from Mountain Sun: Java Porter with a healthy dollop of whipped cream, and you have a recipe for a pretty awesome night!


The next order of business was brunch at my OTHER other favorite place in Boulder (okay, I have a lot of favorite places :)) the Dushanbe Tea House.

Brunch tea at Dushanbe

Saturday night, Sean and I got all gussied up to learn some swing dance moves at the dance school where I’ve been learning Lindy Hop for the past year. I somehow convinced him that yes, beginning swing dance lessons might be scary, but it most certainly won’t kill you. And it didn’t! We both had a great time and I guess it wasn’t too scary because Sean promised he’ll keep at it :)

For dinner I wanted to try out Amu, a Japanese restaurant in Boulder that transports you magically to Tokyo the moment you walk in the door. They even had you take off your shoes before you pass through the curtain door.

The food was totally delicious and it was such a cool way to end birthday weekend day 2!

oh hai!

Sean, nomming on some tasty Japanese dish

My actual birthday DAY was comparatively relaxed. A giant delicious chai tea, a leisurely drive into beautiful mountains that led to some amazingly cheesy Mexican food at a restaurant in a cute shack in the middle of nowhere, a spontaneous haircut, and naturally just a bit more Mountain Sun. Birthday day was A-OK with me :)

Burgers, beers, and live bluegrass @ Mt Sun

Cheers to all of you from Boulder!

<3 Laura