November Concert Round-Up

Chris and I went to three amazing concerts this November and I’ve decided to write about them so that if they’re coming near you – you will know of their awesomeness and check them out! The first concert we went to thanks to Sabrina! She had gotten a bunch of free tickets from her local coffee shop and Austin, who works with us, invited us to go. Thanks Austin!

Rogue Wave @ Great American Music Hall - Nov 4th

If you don’t know Rogue Wave (I didn’t think I did), you probably know the song Lake Michigan they did for this commercial.

The second concert we went to was Stars!!! Their show was amazing! One of my all-time favorite shows – they even played Soft Revolution (my favorite song).

Stars @ The Fillmore - Nov 10

Off their new CD, my favorite song is Wasted Daylight:

The third and last concert on November 30th was The Books! Fitting because this was the third time I’ve seen The Books and it was, by far, the best. I do love the time in the bar because of the smoke machine, but this time they had a video for every song and a friend who could play Tokyo on the guitar – which was nothing short of amazing. Nick’s brother even came on and played Classy Penquin, which was adorable because they wrote it together. :)

The Books @ Palace of Fine Arts - Nov 30

My favorite song of their new CD is A Cold Freezin’ Night: