Yoda & The Locked Tower

Last weekend was particularly warm and beautiful here in San Francisco. Chris and I decided it was time for an adventure (as we so often do) and set out to find Yoda and finally go to the top of Coit Tower. Our journey ended up being 6.5 miles by foot, 4.7 by train, and 0 – 318ft above sea level (according to Google maps). On our way to Yoda from our apartment, we came across something I thought Caitlin would love:

The Monte Cristo Bed & Breakfast!

Presidio Woods

We found Yoda!

Stairs to Coit Tower... not actually stairs - more like, giant hill.

We got finally got to the top of Telegraph Hill (our second giant hill of the walk) only to find out that Coit Tower was closed. :( Fortunately, we did find a sweet ride…

My Future Car

We watched the parrots for awhile and then discovered something awesome:

We found a secret stairway that goes through the financial district.

Almost secret garden-y.

The end of the stairs is a long way down...

It was a lot of fun! We can’t wait to go back to Coit Tower when it’s actually open. All of these pictures were taken by Chris, because I forgot my camera. How’s the snow on the east coast?