Happy Birthday Sam!

Best wishes on your 24th birthday!

Happy Birthday from San Francisco! - Linzi

Happy Birthday from Boulder! - Laura

Happy Birthday from Bryan and Caitlin at Workinman!

Teo, Matt Leffler and Pete Lazarski set up a “necromundo” battle zone in one of the vacant rooms at workinman. Now cube sam has to find a way out. Ooh Nooo! Watch out for toxic slime pits Sam! – Bryan

Le Mini Sam Brenner in NYC! - Ayaka

What's this? Cube Sam B met Cube Sam L at the hands of Meta Sam L!

Cube Sams enjoy a book and a large bottle of rum over dinner. They get along swimmingly - for they have much in common.

If you want to cut & fold your own cube Sam, you can print the largest photo here on letter paper.
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