The End: Movie Night 100

100 Movies in 3 Years

The past Saturday’s Movie Night was our 100th and final. I posted about movie night once before, but I’ll refresh your minds. Every Sunday for the past 3 years Allison has planned a movie night on Facebook. Rules: Starts at 7, must bring on-theme food, and you have to come to 3 movie nights in a row in order to become a host. The hosts rotated in a particular order and it was a great way to hang out with friends and make sure your house was clean at least once a month. Movie Night is particularly special to me because it’s how I became really good friends with the group and really got to know my boyfriend. Even though I’ve only been here for a third of them, they’ve always been a good time and I’m sad to see them go.

Movie Night Awards

The 100th Movie Night was hosted by Allison and it was a double feature dinner party. Allison made this amazing visual display of all the movies we had watched that you could filter by host and genre (shown above). You could go through it on the tv or her iPad – so sweet! Everyone brought food and it was delicious. Britt & Boris prepared appetizers (bread pudding & rosemary cashews), Emily made a tomato soup, Chris made sliders with a tomato chutney, I made a eggplant and cilantro salad, and Allison made a delicious cake. I also had a special surprise for the hosts and made them all quirky titles and award cards – the Joe & the Volcano trophy going to Allison who has been completely dedicated the longest.

  1. Allison: Critically Acclaimed Hostess Cakes
  2. Emily: Wes Anderson Fruitista
  3. Chris: Grab-bag Berry
  4. Sam: Classic Comedy Cookie Monster
  5. Britt & Boris: Gourmet Dinner Sci-Fi Thrillers

Enjoying dinner!

Enjoying Allison's dessert!

So what were the last two movies? Road House and The Money Pit

Discussing Road House

It was a great night! Thank you everybody for all the great times! Thank you Allison for always making sure it happened!