Purple Mountain Majesties

Last weekend Chris and I went to his hometown – Arizona! Ever since I was a little kid Arizona was always my favorite state… even though I had never been there. I like to think it’s because all of the pictures of it looked awesome or had lots of orange, but a part of me knows that it might have to do with the fact that it’s one of the first couple states alphabetically. Having never been to Arizona before, I was super stoked. There was no awkward meeting people fear. Fortunately I had already met his close family and best friends when they visited SF. So this trip was all about soaking up the hot desert air and taking in those purple mountain majesties. Below is my favorite mountain I saw while there:

Mt. Superstition

Our first day there we drove with Stook and Fallon to the top of South Mountain (south of Phoenix) so that I could take in the desert in all it’s glory. I discovered that saguaro cacti are actually quite large, it takes them 100 years to grow an arm, how to correctly touch one, and that Phoenix has a nice layer of smog over it – but still looks pretty cool.

Phoenix, AZ

Proof that I was there.

Pretty much what I imagined Arizona to be.

We spent a good amount of time with Douglas and Austin, Chris’s brother and sister-in-law. Douglas fixes up old cars, I’m very fond of his 57 Chevy.

Douglas' 57 Chevy

We got see Douglas’ band, Riveras, play live at The Nile our first night there. Douglas is the drummer. Caitlin, I thought you’d like them cause the singer also plays the violin.

Our second day there we spent with the Berries! They invited me over for spaghetti and I had a lovely time. Chris’s grandmother is currently putting together their family tree going way, way back. The pictures she has are pretty amazing… so old that they’d probably rip if you tried to take them out of the book.

The Berries!

Our last day there, we went with Chris’s mom to Queen Creek Olive Mill (as shown on Food Network). They grow olive trees, obviously, and use veggies and herbs from their garden to make delicious food. Before getting our meals, we went around the shop and tasted everything that was free to taste – which was pretty much everything.

I love olives.

Arizona is yellow sand and purple mountains.

Upon leaving the Olive Mill, Douglas remembered there was a pork store down the road and if you know Chris – Chris loves pork. I was all excited when we got there because there was meat labeled Lebanon Bologna, but it was a lie because it tasted just like regular bologna. (Also important to note: You may notice that I’m wearing a jacket. If you’re thinking, “wait a minute, I thought you were in Arizona?” I wouldn’t blame you – that’s what I thought to. Apparently we arrived during a cold stint, but it went from 80 during the day to 30 degrees at night! Brr…)

Pork Store Mascot

We spent the rest of our last day at the Goldfield Ghost Town. It’s an actual ghost town that they jazzed up to make all touristy. It was a little campy, but pretty fun none-the-less. I like to think of it of the west’s version of Plymouth Plantation.

Goldfield Ghost Town

It wouldn't be the west without horses, amiright?

Some – great – actors showing us what a gun fight would have been like in the wild west:

It's a trap!

Farewell Arizona!

The trip was a ton of fun and I can’t wait to go back during the crazy hot summer when Austin, Chris’s sister-in-law, has the baby! To see all of my Arizona pictures, check out my flickr!