Craft Swap III: An Introduction

example: recipe card

That’s right people! Get your scissors and glue out – it’s back. We’ve all gotten a little older and wiser since leaving college. You could even say that our tastes have evolved, so what better theme than something that has become a little bit more important in all of our lives: food! No more chicken nuggets n’ french fries from the freezer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Through this blog I’ve seen you make delicious breads, amazing cookies, and other tasty endeavors. So let’s test out our new culinary prowess in the craft world!

XC Craft Swap III

Theme: Food!
Rules: Create your own recipe or modify one that you love to make it yours. Craft an item that aids in the production, presentation, or eating of said recipe. Send a recipe card (see above) with your recipe on it and your craft to your randomly assigned craft swapper. As a receiver you will hopefully make the recipe, but more importantly you will share it on the blog with pictures of the craft! :)

If you’re interested please write your name and any food allergies or preferences below before February 28th. The swap begins on March 1st, when you’ll be given your swap recipient, and ends on April 30th, when you will send out your craft. That means 2 months for crafting this time! Woo!

Happy Crafting!

P.S. For those of you who still haven’t posted the craft you received from the last craft swap (Caitlin and Jared), you can’t join this one until you do. Hate to be a hard ass, but people put a lot of time into those crafts and we’d like to see them!

  • UPDATE –

P.P.S. Also, Bryan still needs to send his craft from the last craft swap so that Ayaka can make a post or he can’t join.
P.P.P.S. Graeme is excused and can join because he had a really good reason why his craft was never delivered.