TCHO Factory Tour

We heart TCHO!

TCHO is a chocolate company based out of San Francisco. You’ll find their chocolates at most grocery stores & small bodegas, but the important thing to know here is that their chocolates are awesome. A few weeks ago I was dicking around online and ending up watching a behind-the-scenes clip on the TCHO Factory, which sparked my interest in visiting. Since we’re all chocolate fans here, I couldn’t pass up sharing some of the cool things I learned.

TCHO Fun Facts:

  • The name comes from the phonetic spelling of chocolate.
  • All of their flavors come directly from the chocolate beans they use. For example: one of their flavors is “fruity”, but they don’t add fruit flavors – they get cocoa beans from Peru that taste particularly fruity. Sweet, huh?
  • Chocolate is a lot like wine. It’s all about the terroir – Lorraine would be so proud.
  • They currently only have dark chocolates, but their three milk chocolates are coming out soon. They’re calling them “Serious Milk Chocolate”, because apparently milk chocolate isn’t taken seriously in the gourmet chocolate world.
  • The guy who started it used to work for NASA – go figure.
  • Their wrapper designs (which look awesome) were inspired by currency. Way back when, people used to use cocoa beans as money in some parts of the world.
  • Mayans drank chocolate with sacrificed blood – gross.

TCHO Factory

Inside TCHO

liquid goodness (no mayan blood)

All in all – it was pretty neat, delicious, and I learned something today. We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the tour, so that will remain a secret to all of you until you go. At the end we got to taste their chocolate, fruity, citrus, and nutty flavors and learned the correct way to taste chocolate (much like wine). Chris and my favorite was the fruity. I also got to sign up batch testing – which hopefully means that I’ll be getting chocolate samples in the mail. Woo! I recommend the tour and best of all – it’s completely free! You just have to sign up in advance. Until next time, TCIAO! ;)