The past two years my friend Emily has put together a trip to Tahoe for her birthday. This year was particularly special because it was her 30th – so let’s start this post with a Happy Birthday Emily!!! Hope this year is wonderful and your birthday wishes come true! This year was also particularly awesome because Emily invited Sean (who used to work at Odopod) to Tahoe before he left for Boulder, and now he’s dating Laura… so long story short – I got to hang out with Laura!!! :D And Sean, Sean’s important too. Emily made this super cute video of a bunch of our collective photographs to my new favorite song:

The trip was great and it started epically.

Sam cleaning the ice off the wipers.

Chris, Allison, Sam and I left San Francisco at 7:00 PM and arrived in Tahoe at 2:30 AM. Why so long you ask? Chris drove through torrential downpours that turned into white-out snow storms, through the mountains, hunched over the steering wheel peering through the 2×6 inch hole that wasn’t covered with slushy ice. Needless to say: Chris is awesome and got a well-deserved beer, chocolate, and praise.

The gang playing dominoes.

As soon as we settled in to this gigantic snow mansion that Emily rented, we started playing games. There was a lot of cards, some dominoes and Settles of Catan. Friday was still white-out conditions in the morning, so we chose to stay inside and chill. When we got antsy, Laura, Chris and I went outside to snowshoe around the house for a bit.

Laura and Chris burrowing in the 5ft of snow.

We woke up Saturday morning and it was gorgeous out! Time for snowshoeing somewhere with a view! So a group of us head over to the Tahoe State Park, which was amazing.

A winter wonderland!

At the top of the North Ridge Trail you could see a beautiful view of the lake.

After snowshoeing we went SNOWMOBILING!!!

The excitment is building!

Ohhhh yeah. Linzi: awesome snowmobiler.

Robert looked strangly cop-like. Here he is pulling us over...

While driving Laura and Sean to the airport on Sunday, I ran out of the car and took some quick shots of the breathtaking views.

It's like you can see forever.

Mt Rose

All in all it was an amazing trip. I loved hanging out with all my friends in a sweet mansion cabin, and doing snow-related awesomeness. I can’t wait until the next time I get to go snowmobiling – I think it’s my new favorite winter sport. Screw snowboarding… I still love snow-shoeing though, lol.

Goodbye Tahoe!

To see all my Tahoe pictures, check out my flickr.