Happy Birthday Me!

It is apparent that I have fallen behind this month in birthday postings. My birthday was awesome! We saw Battle LA, went to an Indian buffet, and had a delicious ice cream pie that I devised and Chris made.

Graham cracker crust, half baked ice cream, cool whip and pepperidge farm brussel cookies on top.

Laura got me this shirt! Isn't it awesome?

Chris got me some beautiful flowers delivered to work and the mother owl of the owl I had at work.

and my parents got me a sewing machine! :D

Here's another picture of the goodness...

My birthday was awesome! Thank you everyone for the gifts and the birthday wishes!!! Wonderful things happened around my birthday. As some of you may or may not know, I have been dieting recently and the week before my birthday I reached my goal weight! I have officially lost and kept off 12lbs since January 1st. What’s my secret? Writing down everything I eat. That second cookie isn’t as appealing if I have to write it down and mark it with a red underline. I also learned valuable information. For instance, 1/4 of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Fro-yo is the same amount of calories as a beer. Why have a beer when I can have 1/4 of an ice cream container?! Other great news – I was promoted and put on a new team! I’m officially a senior designer on Team Blue! :D I will miss my peeps on Team Green… fortunately they’re directly behind my new desk in the middle row. :) That’s all for now, how were your birthdays Bryan & Ayaka?

Watch out world – Linzi’s 24!